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 A Golf Range Finder is one of the best tools you can use during your golf game. It will help you to determine the various distances on the golf course like the green, various hazards and of course the flag distance. There are mainly two types. A standalone device or software applications installed on your GPS device which can be your mobile phone which are cheaper but not as accurate.

 The best Golf RangeFinders are standalone devices which use Gps and Laser Technology. If you are not a beginner in Golf you should go for them. They provide much better distance control and precision. You will always have a clear advantage by knowing the exact yards to your point of interest compared to the traditional ways of gaugung distance.

 Gps Rangefinders require you to have the mapping of your gold course installed. The laser ones dont, as you only point to the spot you want to measure the distance, but it has to be always in clean view.

 Golf Laser Rangefinders are not approved for play. The PGA rulings indicate that any artificial means of determining distances is grounds for disqualification. However your local rules may allow them.

 In this article we will give you some brief information-reviews about the most popular and the best golf rangefinders for the money. After searching and reading a lot of customer reviews narrowed it down to 3 products that are candidates for the best golf rangefinder, offer true quality for their price and they will help your golf experience :

Best Golf RangeFinders Comparison

ModelBushnell Tour V3 Standard EditionLeupold gx-4i series digital rangefinderCallaway 8396 X-Hot Golf GPS/Rangefinder
Amazon Rating
Customer Reviews1075138
Flag Range300 Yards 450 Yards550 Yards
Total Range1,000 Yards800 YardsN/A
Weight6.7 Ounces12.8 Ounces4.8 Ounces
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Why Should i Use a Golf Range Finder ?

 The interesting thing about golf is that it comprises of eighteen holes all with different yardage. Many golf courses offer some sort of assistance when it comes to figuring out how far you from the hole, however on most occasions these measurements are more based an approximate location.
Another aspect that also affects your game, outside of distance, is the weather conditions. For many golfers, guessing where to aim their next shot is a risk they take every time when playing to accommodate for the wind. In most cases, the result is not a pretty one.
With a range finder, it takes all the guess work out of your game. There are very few golf courses that offer yardage off a tee. This means that you no longer have to risk off the tee on hole where you would like to go over the water hazard. More importantly, the best golf rangefinders can offer assistance with the amount of wind that is blowing on the day. Of course, if you are playing into the wind and want to go over a hazard, you may opt to play short as a result of your new found information.
Another aspect a golf course does not offer is the distance needed to get back to the fairway after hitting a wayward shot. While we all strive to play perfect golf, there are moments where we have a lapse of concentration with the ball ending up in the middle of the woods. While you may end up with the ability to have a swing, and to hit the ball out of trouble, knowing which club to use is often the mental battle. Should you take that 7 iron over the trees (not knowing the about of wind at the top of the tree), or should you play a ball between the trees to get it back on the fairway? It is a common question that many golfers struggle with when in this position.  However, a ranger finder will not only help you calculate both distances, it will also let you know how much wind is above that tree which makes playing out of trouble just a whole lot easier.
The best Golf RangeFinders are extremely easy to use. It is literally a point and a press of a button. All you need to do is to look through the scope lens and aim the cross on your target where you want the ball to land. If you are playing a shot to a green, you can either choose the flag, the front of the green or the back of the green. This choice is dependent on the type of shot. Once you have selected your target, you just need to press a button and all the information will be displayed in the scope lens.

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If you have a basic rangefinder you will be given distance. However, the higher priced range finders can offer you a range of other options which include the distance and the amount of wind there is on the day.
Range Finders are not just for the professional golfer. In fact, everyday golfers are using them with great success. Besides taking shots off their game, it is said that the best golf rangefinders also aid with speed of play. You know longer have to pace to and from the distance markers, and then spend time guessing what your next club choice is going to be.
If you are looking at finding something to assist your game, then maybe you should invest in the best range finder to help you. This may just be the very thing you have needed to give you that leading edge. We hope that your search for finding the best golf rangefinder is over.

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