Month: January 2016

Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder Review: A Pocket Full of Golf!

neon digitalThe Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder can bring a pocket full of cheer to any golfer. This small golf gadget can be given away as an ideal gift for your golf crazy spouse or golfer buddies. It has all the features necessary to function as a golf range finder, fit in the pocket, and is half again as expesive as the standard golf range finder so provides a good value model. It’s not quite as fancy as other golf range finders, but it serves its purpose perfectly. It comes with a belt pouch that has a Velcro flap for an opening. A lanyard comes with the package as an accessory and can be attached to the range finder itself to carry it around the course; and I say yet again, very affordable for what it is.

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The General Package

When you purchase a Neon Digital 7x Pocket golf rangefinder, the package you receive should contain the golf range finder, the Neoprene gadget belt pouch with Velcro flap and belt loop, the lanyard attachment for the range finder, and the user’s manual, as a matter of course. Batteries are included.

The cheer part in buying this gizmo lies with its cheap, cheap price; and I will keep emphasizing on the price. As of this writing (12/17/2015), the range finder is worth its price with a RRP less than many of the models on the market. That’s why I called it a pocket full of cheer; well… for the golfers at least. Then again, non-golfers can also use this gadget in place of a standard gadget to measure distance, or to use in place of standard binoculars for checking out distances. Golf range finders can lock onto a background object and accurately measure the distance between yourself and the object in question (such as the pin on a green). This is why the range finder is a very versatile tool, and may be especially useful in construction and other areas besides sports. Rangefinders are often used by hunters too and help them to spy out their targets.

The Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder’s Important Features

  • Cheap! Really affordable and great value
  • Pocket sized range finder; fits well in the palm of your hand.
  • Digital technology built in with high quality optics
  • An impressive 7x magnification
  • Coated lens for protection from glare and scratches
  • Minimal range of 50 yards up to a maximum of a thousand yards


The most surprising features here are the range and magnification capabilities of the Neon Digital 7x. At this price, most low-end golf range finders, heck even high-end models, will have a lower range than the thousand yards that the Neon Digital 7x is boasting. 7x magnification is above average with lower end golf rangefinder models; they usually sport 5 to 6x magnification on average. For the listed price, the Neon Digital 7x is a must buy.


What cons? Seriously. It’s cheap. It’s basic, but that is forgivable, and unless you’re looking to turn pro this will do everything you need it to. Even at the basics, the capabilities of the Neon Digital 7x beat out the standard models. Other models may sport the slope measuring feature. Some will have time and temperature displayed in an LCD or crystal display screen. Most rangefinders will beep or vibrate when you lock on the pin. At minimum, these extra options would triple your purchase price; not to mention, that these higher end rangefinders, are inferior to the Digital 7x in range and magnification capabilities. The only disadvantage here is the lack of slope reading capabilities, but many models under the $100 mark won’t have slope reading, and it really is an advanced feature.

With all that said, the longer maximum range, the better magnification, and the ultimately cheaper price of the Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder, makes it the better buy. At that cheap price, you won’t even hesitate to consider giving a few of them away.