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Bushnell Tour V3 BN201460P Jolt Patriot Pack Rangefinder Review

bushnell v3If you’re looking for Rangefinders to improve your golf game or even for other reasons such as hunting, this is a brand you may well have already come across. The Bushnell tour V3 is a top rangefinder which comes as a ‘Jolt’ model and is also sold in the ‘Patriot Pack’ from its manufacturers. It is known in the market for being compact and having an ergonomic single hand vertical rangefinder system. It has a 5x magnification which comes with a 24 mm objective. The range finding performance of the device is 10 to 1000 yards. The accuracy of the device is one of its main pro points and has proved very commendable, up to 300 yards it has an accuracy of within one yard which is incredibly useful for all sorts of different shots on the golf course, whatever your level of ability.

Since the Bushnell tour V3 Jolt is one of the latest products in the market, and the company are always looking to innovate it comes equipped with impressive Pin seeker technology. Pin seeker technology is designed to identify when there are multiple targets. Once the range finder has located the closest of the targets in the area of the aiming circle, the range finder will display a circle around the flagstick icon and also display the distance.  The Jolt vibration is important as its interacts with the user as you’re locking on to the flag. The automatic scan mode permits the user to pan across the golf course and quickly scan and see the updated distances of targets, again, not something many of its competitors offer and something that sets this apart as one of the best rangefinders going.

Another great plus point that isn’t always the case on rangefinders, the LCD display is also easy to read. The distance read out appears in the center of the viewfinder directly below the aiming circle, and both the mode and yard/meters are displayed in the lower portion of the viewfinder so whichever you are used to is there for you. If you are planning to use the device for tournaments then although it is worth checking, in many cases you’ll find that it is legal and allowed by the authorities. The device can be help with one or two hands.

With every purchase of Bushnell BN201460P Tour V3 Rangefinder patriot pack, users get a premium carrying case and battery.  This pouch keeps the device secure and steady. The pouch also has a magnetic latch which provides greater ease and accessibility and makes it really easy to carry, something that is invaluable if you’re lugging it around 18 holes of a golf course. The company offers a 2 year warranty which gives assurance to its customers that the company is always there for them. The device is accurate to within 1-yard and provides instant measurements in yards and meters.

Customers claim that among other Bushnell range finders, tour z3 is the best one.  Before purchasing the product, we recommend that you look at various videos and customer reviews. Bushnell BN201460P Tour V3 Rangefinder is 100% water proof and comes with a slope measuring feature which means it has the capacity to account for the slope on your course, either uphill or downhill, when measuring distances, and help you in your aim and club selection even more. It is one of the products in the market that gives the customers amazing feel, performance and design, and although it isn’t the cheapest, it definitely justifies the investment for serious golfers.

Some users have claimed its better than using GPS for approach shots which is really saying something.  Moreover, the size is so small that it makes it the most convenient and simple to use range finder in the market currently. It is worth having a specific device so you’re not fumbling around with apps or calculations, just grab, look and go.

Consumer reviews by and large have been extremely positive, and with a well over 4 star average review (out of 5) on amazon, this should tell you all you need to know about this product, and the company, who are fast becoming the market leaders in the world of golf rangefinders.

Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder Review: A Pocket Full of Golf!

neon digitalThe Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder can bring a pocket full of cheer to any golfer. This small golf gadget can be given away as an ideal gift for your golf crazy spouse or golfer buddies. It has all the features necessary to function as a golf range finder, fit in the pocket, and is half again as expesive as the standard golf range finder so provides a good value model. It’s not quite as fancy as other golf range finders, but it serves its purpose perfectly. It comes with a belt pouch that has a Velcro flap for an opening. A lanyard comes with the package as an accessory and can be attached to the range finder itself to carry it around the course; and I say yet again, very affordable for what it is.

Check the current price and more reviews on amazon.

The General Package

When you purchase a Neon Digital 7x Pocket golf rangefinder, the package you receive should contain the golf range finder, the Neoprene gadget belt pouch with Velcro flap and belt loop, the lanyard attachment for the range finder, and the user’s manual, as a matter of course. Batteries are included.

The cheer part in buying this gizmo lies with its cheap, cheap price; and I will keep emphasizing on the price. As of this writing (12/17/2015), the range finder is worth its price with a RRP less than many of the models on the market. That’s why I called it a pocket full of cheer; well… for the golfers at least. Then again, non-golfers can also use this gadget in place of a standard gadget to measure distance, or to use in place of standard binoculars for checking out distances. Golf range finders can lock onto a background object and accurately measure the distance between yourself and the object in question (such as the pin on a green). This is why the range finder is a very versatile tool, and may be especially useful in construction and other areas besides sports. Rangefinders are often used by hunters too and help them to spy out their targets.

The Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder’s Important Features

  • Cheap! Really affordable and great value
  • Pocket sized range finder; fits well in the palm of your hand.
  • Digital technology built in with high quality optics
  • An impressive 7x magnification
  • Coated lens for protection from glare and scratches
  • Minimal range of 50 yards up to a maximum of a thousand yards


The most surprising features here are the range and magnification capabilities of the Neon Digital 7x. At this price, most low-end golf range finders, heck even high-end models, will have a lower range than the thousand yards that the Neon Digital 7x is boasting. 7x magnification is above average with lower end golf rangefinder models; they usually sport 5 to 6x magnification on average. For the listed price, the Neon Digital 7x is a must buy.


What cons? Seriously. It’s cheap. It’s basic, but that is forgivable, and unless you’re looking to turn pro this will do everything you need it to. Even at the basics, the capabilities of the Neon Digital 7x beat out the standard models. Other models may sport the slope measuring feature. Some will have time and temperature displayed in an LCD or crystal display screen. Most rangefinders will beep or vibrate when you lock on the pin. At minimum, these extra options would triple your purchase price; not to mention, that these higher end rangefinders, are inferior to the Digital 7x in range and magnification capabilities. The only disadvantage here is the lack of slope reading capabilities, but many models under the $100 mark won’t have slope reading, and it really is an advanced feature.

With all that said, the longer maximum range, the better magnification, and the ultimately cheaper price of the Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder, makes it the better buy. At that cheap price, you won’t even hesitate to consider giving a few of them away.

Breaking 80 IS400 Golf Rangefinder Features and Review

IS400Golf Rangefinders continue to become the go-to tool for both beginner and experienced golfers, and Breaking 80 are one of the companies bringing us exceptional models to choose from. The Breaking 80 IS400 golf rangefinder is  the little brother of the IS500 model; and like the IS500, the IS400 also has a Lifetime Replacement Plan Which basically means if you buy the IS400 and it breaks, you get a replacement IS400 for a small fraction of the price, so you don’t need to worry about breaking this too much, plus, it has some amazing features on offer and is available at a very good price considering how helpful and packed with useful options it is for aspiring golfers, plus, it is impressive to bring onto the course. So what exactly does this model boast? Why should you consider it if you’re in the market for a rangefinder?

Features and Specifications

  • 6X magnification for eyepiece
  • Pin Sensor 3 Software
  • Scan Mode
  • Accuracy to +/- 1 yard at 250 yards
  • Improved lens protection
  • Easy to use drop in battery compartment
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Water Resistant
  • Free CR2 3V battery
  • Belt loop carry case
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Six month money back guarantee
  • Lifetime Replacement Plan
  • Tournament legal with the approval of the USGA

Main Features Description

The Pin Sensor 3 software is an upgrade of the previous Pin Sensor software. What it does is, it forces the Breaking 80 IS400 golf rangefinder to ignore all background objects, thereby honing in on the pin (our target) faster. It’s a super feature, but not necessarily unique to the IS400. Version wise, the software of the IS500 might have a more recent, updated version, which doesn’t make this redundant by any stretch of the imagination, but is worth considering.

Scan mode allows you to scan all objects within the line of sight, and range, of the IS400 range finder. Scan mode duration is a maximum of 8 seconds continuous scanning.

The IS400 comes in many different colors; primarily camouflage. You can also choose between color combinations that contain shades of silver, charcoal, orange, and more colors. This is great for those of us who bring a bit of style to the course.

The IS400 Does not Have

The IS400 does not have the smart slope feature. Smart slope allows the range finder to read ranges and slopes accurately. This feature is usually available in the more expensive range finder models and at the time of writing, this is one of the affordable models on the market. It would have been great to have the smart slope feature, but then the IS400 would not be priced so cheaply.

The Verdict

The IS400 has all the known features that are also present in other golf range finders of its class. The only difference is how each company labels their features to make them seem unique and more relevant to their product. They try to make it catchy; to catch your interest, of course. The point is, the Breaking 80 IS400 Golf Rangefinder has many of the same advantages as the IS500 and is a wonderful, useful rangefinder which is affordable for many of us. A quick look at the reviews from consumers show you the advantages which make the Breaking 80 series of golf range finders, a better buy than many of the other brands in this class.

One advantage is the six month guarantee offered by the retailer. The second advantage is the Lifetime Replacement Plan. But more importantly, this is an amazing, simple to use gadget from a company making a real name for themselves in the golfing world, and comes with our recommendation.

Simmons 801405 Rangefinder Review

simmons 801405It doesn’t take a lot of use to see why rangefinders hold so much importance to golfers and hunters. This is because a good range finder gives an accurate distance between the user and the target, be it animal or sporting. The distance calculation is a great tool for the user to know how far they are from the pin, and can inform everything from club to direction.

The Simmons 801405 Rangefinder is one of the best in the market. Everyone who loves golf and wants to make their life around the course easier could put it to good use. It is a compact sized model which comes with a stylish black casing. Since it is user-friendly, many users learn to use it within a few minutes after they first switch it on. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder has one of the best best in-view LCD displays you can hope for. This is proven by the fact that almost universally, reviews and consumers have appreciated its LCD display on forums and reviews.

The user only needs to look inside the eyepiece. Everything else is then handled by the screen. The Screen itself has a very neat and high tech (whilst still easy to use) display and also shows a battery indicator to warn you when you’re running low. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder also identifies your target, in this case the hole, and it appears on the screen as well. The screen also has an option for whether to display the distance in yards or meters depending on what you are used to. The magnification range of the rangefinder is an impressive 4x which permits even long distances to be measured without any hassle, no more trouble on those par 5s! Along with the distance measurement, the device also comes with vertical configuration.

Unlike some range finders, Simmons 801405 Rangefinder has a weather resistant casing to suit all conditions and make sure it isn’t damaged even in the rain – it comes in black and camouflage. The casing is of such a great quality that it protects the rangefinder from even the more extreme weather conditions, if you’re brave enough to play through them. Some people have used it during heavy rainfall and reported that the rangefinder doesn’t get affected or damaged. Since it is also water-resistant, the rangefinder is easy to be cleaned and maintained by the user. 

The Simmons 801405 also has a one touch button which makes its operation extremely simple. The button is not just a power button but also used for initiating range measurements, activating laser and switching metrics. The operations work on a single button press action on this simple device, which even your kid (or grandad) could use.  In short, the device is easy to handle, weather resistance and requires nothing awkward such as power adapters. Moreover the company offers one year limited warranty to its users. Past users have hardly found faults in the device. Incase you think the range is being inconsistent, we recommend that you use the warranty and get it replaced. The cons of Simmons 801405 Rangefinder include no eye relief for glass wearers and I’ve scoured the internet to find an isolated couple of cases where there were errors when measuring within 100 yards.

The final verdict for this product is that it should definitely be considered by the serious golfer who wants to improve his or her game. Many online retailers are providing discounts on the product. Remember that you have a one year warranty so should you encounter any problems, your back is probably covered. It is an impressive product that is quite light in weight but doesn’t compromise on offering the maximum features for providing customer satisfaction to its loyal customers.

Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Rangefinder Review

coolshot 20People who play golf have, in recent years, started to opt for a device that helps them to gauge distance with accuracy. Some rangefinders not only display the accurate distance but can also cleverly gauge slope and wind, what an age we live in… Devices like Nikon (yes, the camera brand) COOLSHOT 20 help the golfers to work out the yardages easily and judge their shots properly. Nikon knows that their customers are looking for the technology that will make their golf game improve. These range finders enable both new and more seasoned golfers to enhance their ability of playing golf as it is not easy to measure the distance accurately, and even if you have a caddy, they won’t be able to do what a rangefinder can.

The awesome Coolshot 20 comes with an attractive design which makes it a popular choice for those who are looking for more in the way of a ‘gadget’ – you’ll see this sported by many young golfers. It is also one of the lightest range finders with a weight of under 200g. Moreover, this model is very small which aids its portable nature and really convenient for golfers.

This amazing range finder comes with the First Target Priority. This feature allows the range finder to grab the nearest object in sight. The panning done by the rangefinder takes barely any time, up to 8 seconds. The range finder shows objects six times closer with distances shown in increments of 0.5 yards to 600 yards. Moreover, the display of the Nikon is really easy to watch and use. Nikon makes sure that no matter what the lighting conditions are, users get to view everything with impeccable ease, which helps you focus on your technique and the shots you’re about to take.  The display of the screen shows distance, unit of measure (meters for example), target mark, and battery life left to all its users. The clarity of this model is one of its plus points, something you’d expect from a company so renowned for visuals.

The COOLSHOT 20 is one of the most durable products in the market right now too because it has a great battery life and also water proof to 1 meter for 10 minutes. You may not be taking this underwater (even if you end up in the wet on the course) but if it rains then you’ve got your back covered.

The rangefinder also comes with an added feature of a specific Golf mode. The feature is there to calculate slope adjusted distance that helps the golfer to choose the right club even when playing steep uphill and downhill shots. The rangefinder comes within the budget of many golfing aficionados as it is relatively affordable, especially in the world of golf. Various online websites are offering discounts and offers on this product, and it represents value for money even at full price. 

Nikon as a company promises supreme quality on all its products, and are such a recognisable brand for a reason. This is easy to see the first time you pick up their range finder as well. Everything about this product is top notch. Coolshot 20 steals the limelight by having an amazing leading edge design. Although there are various models in the market that are efficient as rangefinders, Nikon coolshot 20 is undeniably among the greatest available.

Usage is really pretty simple, in order to make the best use of Nikon COOLSHOT 20, it is necessary that you hold the products body steady with both hands. Be sure to position the flag at the Centre of the target finder to measure the distance of the target accurately. That’s really all we need to discuss in terms of use, it’s just a point and go sort of model which doesn’t require anything complex.

While doing its business, it easily picks up flags with trees and gives continuous improvement. This option also works in even the most extreme weather conditions (certainly the most extreme you’d like to play golf in). The only vice you might find with the Coolshot 20 is that some golfers only like holding large laser rangefinders, and large is not a word you’d use to describe this. These golfers are not comfortable with the small size of the rangefinder. It does all of the basics perfectly, but it doesn’t have added extra features like the expensive Nikon lasers such as slope measurement. These features are almost futuristic, and are discussed in our other reviews.