Bushnell Tour V3 BN201460P Jolt Patriot Pack Rangefinder Review

bushnell v3If you’re looking for Rangefinders to improve your golf game or even for other reasons such as hunting, this is a brand you may well have already come across. The Bushnell tour V3 is a top rangefinder which comes as a ‘Jolt’ model and is also sold in the ‘Patriot Pack’ from its manufacturers. It is known in the market for being compact and having an ergonomic single hand vertical rangefinder system. It has a 5x magnification which comes with a 24 mm objective. The range finding performance of the device is 10 to 1000 yards. The accuracy of the device is one of its main pro points and has proved very commendable, up to 300 yards it has an accuracy of within one yard which is incredibly useful for all sorts of different shots on the golf course, whatever your level of ability.

Since the Bushnell tour V3 Jolt is one of the latest products in the market, and the company are always looking to innovate it comes equipped with impressive Pin seeker technology. Pin seeker technology is designed to identify when there are multiple targets. Once the range finder has located the closest of the targets in the area of the aiming circle, the range finder will display a circle around the flagstick icon and also display the distance.  The Jolt vibration is important as its interacts with the user as you’re locking on to the flag. The automatic scan mode permits the user to pan across the golf course and quickly scan and see the updated distances of targets, again, not something many of its competitors offer and something that sets this apart as one of the best rangefinders going.

Another great plus point that isn’t always the case on rangefinders, the LCD display is also easy to read. The distance read out appears in the center of the viewfinder directly below the aiming circle, and both the mode and yard/meters are displayed in the lower portion of the viewfinder so whichever you are used to is there for you. If you are planning to use the device for tournaments then although it is worth checking, in many cases you’ll find that it is legal and allowed by the authorities. The device can be help with one or two hands.

With every purchase of Bushnell BN201460P Tour V3 Rangefinder patriot pack, users get a premium carrying case and battery.  This pouch keeps the device secure and steady. The pouch also has a magnetic latch which provides greater ease and accessibility and makes it really easy to carry, something that is invaluable if you’re lugging it around 18 holes of a golf course. The company offers a 2 year warranty which gives assurance to its customers that the company is always there for them. The device is accurate to within 1-yard and provides instant measurements in yards and meters.

Customers claim that among other Bushnell range finders, tour z3 is the best one.  Before purchasing the product, we recommend that you look at various videos and customer reviews. Bushnell BN201460P Tour V3 Rangefinder is 100% water proof and comes with a slope measuring feature which means it has the capacity to account for the slope on your course, either uphill or downhill, when measuring distances, and help you in your aim and club selection even more. It is one of the products in the market that gives the customers amazing feel, performance and design, and although it isn’t the cheapest, it definitely justifies the investment for serious golfers.

Some users have claimed its better than using GPS for approach shots which is really saying something.  Moreover, the size is so small that it makes it the most convenient and simple to use range finder in the market currently. It is worth having a specific device so you’re not fumbling around with apps or calculations, just grab, look and go.

Consumer reviews by and large have been extremely positive, and with a well over 4 star average review (out of 5) on amazon, this should tell you all you need to know about this product, and the company, who are fast becoming the market leaders in the world of golf rangefinders.

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