Callaway Golf – 300 Laser Rangefinder Review, Features and Info

callaway 300No golf lover will need me to tell them that Callaway are one of the biggest brands out there in the sport. They are specialist, meaning they really only supply the world of golf, and are truly the best friend of golfers everywhere, supplying everything to bags, tees, clubs, and in this case, their 300 laser rangefinder.

If you’re in a hurry, the crux of this review is very positive. The features of this are all you would expect of one of golf’s biggest brands bringing out one of the hottest new products in the sport. Extremely high average reviews on Amazon and elsewhere really do the talking for this product, and it comes with our stamp of approval.

This is a very light and durable product. It comes with two modes – scanning and pin seeking, which gives you the privilege of getting a lot of data and a wide view of the course ahead of you.

Some online reviewers have even gone so far as to say that this is the best rangefinder they have used in recent times. It is very compact, waterproof, easy to hold, has different features to a GPS, portable and light weight, and has all of the hallmarks of quality we have grown to expect from this brand.

You don’t have to be a world class pro to use it. It is suitable for the average golfer or even beginners, and really looks great even when you are looking to play your shot from a long distance. Accuracy is within 1 yd and most reviewers and consumers agree it helps their game.

Callaway Golf-300 Laser Rangefinder is capable of showing you the distance to a great degree of accuracy when you are hiking and golfing It incorporates nifty features such as an excellent lithium battery which has a long life, a really sleek and ergonomic design, fog-resistant construction and viewing and more.

The price

The price is not static of course and you can find offers and sales, but don’t expect this to be the cheapest rangefinder you’ve ever found. Buyers and prospective customers are encouraged to check the official website, Amazon, eBay, or any of the accredited dealers’ websites to know the current price. However, even though you’re going to part with a bit of money to get your hands on this (literally) we’re confident you will get complete value for your money.


  • Superior accuracy- the quality is exceptional and accurate to a very close degree.
  • The product comes with waterproof design so you can play in any conditions
  • P.A.T mode setting- this singular enables the user to function without distortions, track multiple targets and lock against the pin in unsuitable backgrounds, especially where there are large objects or trees.
  • 6 x magnification and up to a 1,000 yard range
  • Incredibly weighs less than 10 oz, so it really doesn’t add a lot to put it in your golf bag

Callaway Golf-300 Laser Rangefinder is suitable for both the more seasoned pros and people completely new to the sport in golfing.

This can be purchased on its own, or can be bought as part of the ‘power pack’ which has a spare battery and some other Callaway goodies such as some balls and even a divot repair tool, further adding to the value of this product and making an excellent choice for gifts too.

Easy to operate

It comes with an easy to read manual. The manual gives comprehensive information on how to use this product. It is essential and useful for beginners.

It explains in detail pin acquisition technology indicator, meters to the pin or distance in yards, conspicuously readable LCD display shows, zero-in targeting technology and many more.

This product comes with CR2 3V lithium batteries and carrying case. The lithium battery is produced in a way to give you uninterrupted and reliable power so as to keep you out on the course and not having to worry about it, and as we mentioned, there is even a spare battery in the power pack just in case.

The batteries are super-durable. Thus, it’ll be a very long time before you have to think about changing or replacing the batteries. It is produced with stringent standards as you would expect from this brand. Callaway Golf-300 Laser Rangefinder is legally approved and totally fine for tournament play in the vast majority of situations.

Final Tips and Our Conclusion

Callaway Golf-300 Laser Rangefinder is one of the top of the line devices. It’s nothing we didn’t expect from the manufacturer but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Although I’m certain they will be expanding their range, the Golf 300 won’t be outdated any time soon, and at time of writing the vast majority of the reviews have been five star (and an average well over four star) on Amazon.

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