Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Rangefinder Review

bushnell pro x7 review rangefinderFor an ultimately powerful rangefinder, Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt has the compatibility to win the day when compared against other products. The features include amazing range capability, JOLT technique PinSeeker technology exclusive to Bushnell and hyper-accurate yardage at a fast speed due to second generation ESP. Currently, this rangefinder is the only product having 7x magnification system. Other products have up to 6x magnification, so it makes Pro X7 stand out and is clearly where it got its name from. Our Bushnell Pro X7 review has all the info you need on this product.

Rangefinders usually have a warranty of two years or such. But they can last for many years. In that case, the price might seem deterrent to buy the Pro X7 but regardless of the model, Bushnell’s revolutionary tech will serve you right for many years. However, the technology improves with each model, and this, one of their latest offerings, proves exactly that.

Some Reasons Why Pro X7 Jolt Might be Worth Its Price

It is big but can easily be held steady with two hands. Some users have complained about not being able to hold rangefinders steady, this can be a solution. Also, it is easier to read due to the VDT technique than many other products. Clear red numbers show up as readings in any lighting situation. The second generation E.S.P (Extreme Speed Precision) technologies make Pro X7 faster and more accurate about the yardages. Being inside 200yards Bushnell X7 can provide accurate distance to .1 of a yard. The most important feature is the Jolt technology which gives off two vibration bursts for you to know the PinSeeker has the distance determined. Jolt is an exceptional advancement in the world of rangefinders and has cemented Bushnell’s place as probably the best manufacturer of rangefinders there is. Though this is one of the top golf rangefinders, I’ve also seen people use it for hunting, so that can be an option too.

The Product in Review

The top product Pro X7 by Bushnell was out in 2014 replacing their Pro 1M. However, a horizontal form factor is retained while having all the capabilities of Pro 1M, Bushnell Pro X7 adds a Jolt technology. It is indeed the heaviest and biggest laser golf rangefinder exceeding its price tag. Another top benefit of this product is the durable carrying case with zip closure. You can access it easily while you are on course by the elastic eye and hook. Also, you should not worry too much about any wear and tear as the Pro X7 has rubber coating and waterproof body making it durable and resilient. It is easy to use, even for beginners, and as you would expect from this brand, is very well made.

Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder With JOLT Key Features

The majority features of the Pro X7 are much similar to Bushnell Pro 1M which includes vivid display, ½ yard accuracy for distances ranging from 5 to an incredible 550 yards and of course that two years warranty. Other features of the Pro X7 include:

  • Pin Seeker with JOLT technique ensuring the flag is at target
  • Ranging from 5 yards to 1 mile, over 550 yards to flags with 1/2 yard accuracy from 5 to 125 yards
  • 7x magnification
  • Premium HD optics for ensuring bright and clear images
  • 2nd generation E.S.P.
  • Vivid Display Technology improving contrast, light transmission and clarity
  • Product dimensions is 5.5” x 4.25” x 2”

Extraordinary Capability

What makes the product step up in practical and prove its compatibility?

The Bushnell products have this one feature common in a great deal of them, the Jolt technology. It is projected essentially to provide a vibrating burst for the consumer to know that he has pointed the target. This can get very useful opposed to other objects like trees.

Secondly, the built in accelerometer judge the elevation of modification between the golfer and the pin. Then it provides the changed degree and another number with the actual yardage.

It is totally up to you if you want to spend this many cash on what is admittedly an expensive device but the reviews both here, on other sites and on retailers such as Amazon show that it is worth every penny. Check out more information on using rangefinders in tournaments.

Golf Rangefinders vs Golf GPS: The Showdown

neo xsGolf Rangefinders and Golf GPS Products have the same goal, to help us navigate the course and work out distances vital for shot selection, club selection and ultimately improving your game. These two technologies work in two very different ways in spite of having a very similar end result, so which is the best to take to the course with you? Do you even have to choose between them or can you use both? We’ve got some answers for you here in the ultimate showdown of GPS vs Rangefinder.

Gone are the days when you’d have to look at landmarks on the course to work out yardages or worse, have to guess. Looking for targets from a distance is tough, and thankfully technology has been introduced to help make it a little simpler. We live in the age of the ‘smart’ device, and a golf GPS can even be put into a watch or a device on your phone, and while introducing these types of products has been done for over a decade now, it is easier than ever to take something onto the course which lets you measure distances and work out the distances around the course and ultimately find the pin!

Check out our recommended model of golf Rangefinder

Price Comparison

Genuinely, we’re not looking at huge differences here, the price ranges are pretty similar and as with any product, there are budget models as well as much more expensive, high end models which you can show off at the golf club! The GPS models are marginally cheaper in general, but really, the difference isn’t so huge that it will make a massive impact on your decision, and it more boils down to what features are on offer.

As you may have guessed by the name of this site, we’re more focused on Rangefinders, but I’m being unbiased for the benefit of this review and have taken a lot of the opinions of this independent review of the top 10 models in order to make sure we have a fair fight, so with that in mind…

Pros of the GPS

As already mentioned, a marginal cost benefit comes into play with the GPS, but not huge money. Put it this way; the savings won’t buy you a new set of clubs.

What is wonderful about the GPS is versatility, you can get apps on your phone, a palm held, reader style device, something that clips on to your buggy and even things you can wear such as the GPS watches which are becoming so popular. Whatever format you want for your yardages and distance readings you can likely get something which suits you.

While a rangefinder gives more info on what you can see, and may even enhance what you can see, it doesn’t give a full overview of the hole or the course which you get more of with the GPS, allowing you to plan ahead and see hazards on the course. Not the most important thing if you’re used to the course, but if you’re playing golf in a new area, this can be really useful.

Cons of the Golf GPS

The GPS Units for golf do have their negatives though, and they are what lead us to recommend rangefinders instead. Firstly, it is down to the companies who make them to map the golf courses and keep them updated, which is tough considering how many destinations there are in the world to go and play golf, and the courses you play on aren’t guaranteed to have been mapped.

Secondly, the accuracy isn’t as good. GPS technology has come a long way, but doesn’t do what the laser style rangefinders do by using optics, and don’t give the most accurate readings possible. We’ve also found usability to be a bit more difficult, you’ve got more buttons and things which can go wrong than with a rangefinder, which option have a function to just point and go.

Comparison With the Golf Rangefinder

The Pros of rangefinders really line up with the cons of the GPS units. You can use them anywhere, and don’t have to rely on software to do so, you can simply point and go. They’re useful for golf and for hunting so if you have both of these hobbies you’re in luck. Rangefinders work using totally different technology and while you can’t see the whole course with them, they measure distances amazingly and accurately to ensure you’re getting the best on the course.

So, is the answer to the question of “Which is better, a rangefinder or a GPS?” Simply “Rangefinder”. Well, no. In my opinion, if it comes down to a choice between the two, you may be swayed to go for a rangefinder depending on your needs, but I present a third option…

The Hybrid

Yes, there’s a twist in the tail of our showdown. While there are many great Rangefinders and GPS units we can recommend, if you’re wondering which of the two to go for and simply can’t decide, this is an amazing option for you.

Bushnell Hybrid Laser-Gps Rangefinder Review

Bushnell are one of the most prolific companies manufacturing golf electronics, and their Hybrid model is exceptional. It was only a matter of time before someone noticed that there would always be differences and put both into one single model.

The features include 30,000 installed courses which you don’t have to pay extra for (some manufacturers need a membership but these do not) and a reliable rangefinder to go with a reliable gps! Bushnell provide some of the best golf rangefinders out there, so you know that you’re getting quality optics and accurate readings to the pin. It can tell you a distance to the front, center, and back of the greens you’re playing on (whichever greens on whichever course). It can work up to a massive 1,000 yards and the quality is exceptional.


If you can’t go with the Hybrid, best of both worlds option mentioned above, we’d advise that you consider your needs. If you’re playing a lot of courses and are certain they’ll all be on the GPS device then it may well be a good option for you, but for ease of use as well as versatility, not to mention the most important feature, accuracy, we recommend rangefinders.

Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder Review

aculonNikon are a brand with a wonderful reputation in the world of visuals, lenses and optics, and their forays into the world of rangefinders have been pretty successful. While you may be more used to seeing their name on camera gear, this compact, high quality and well reviewed golf rangefinder proves that they can do the business in other areas too. While we focus on golfing here on the site, this product is also a superb option for hunting, and we talk more about that below.

Nikon describe themselves as the best in the world when it comes to optics, and while that depends on your opinion, they certainly have a reputation when it comes to these types of products, and as such, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the viewfinder and optics within the Aculon 8397, the quality is undeniable and you get a great feel for just how well made this product is as soon as you start to use it.


Perhaps the ‘USP’ of the Nikon rangefinder is how compact it is. Lets face it, on the golf course you’re carrying so much equipment around most of the time, anything you can do to reduce the load is welcome, and the Aculon certainly does this. Described as ‘palm-sized’ it is just 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches. This is really pretty small, and can fit within one of the pouches or compartments of your golf bag with ease and not weigh you down as you stroll around 18 holes!

In terms of visuals and tech specs, the rangefinder has an impressive 6x magnification and is designed with ‘coated optics’ – in layman’s terms, this means that light isn’t lost because of reflection and you get a clear view of what is out in front of you.

The use of the rangefinder is really simple, just the push of a button on the intuitive design gives you a clear view of the target and instant distance reading. The display is really simple and doesn’t clutter up your view as you’re looking to the target. Their technology includes the amazing ‘priority’ mode which looks beyond things like bushes and other obstructions which may be between you and your target, whether that’s the pin on your golf course or whatever you’re hunting (yes, the product is popular with hunters too and provides just as effective an experience here).

  • Choose between 1 meter or 1 yard Increments on the display
  • Coated Optics
  • 550 yard range
  • Simple LCD display providing clarity and simplicity
  • Long Eye Relief
  • Simple Operation using just one button
  • Compact, handheld size
  • Water Resistant so usable even when conditions aren’t the best
  • Comes with a case, strap and cleaning cloth

What Others Have Said

The reviews of the Nikon Aculon 8397 have been largely favorable among both golfers and hunters. The product provides a compact, easy to use and reliable option at a reasonable price tag. It isn’t cheap, but that is the nature of these products, and the use that you can get out of this product over a course of years means that the Aculon does represent value.

At the time of writing, the average rating of the product on Amazon’s review system is around 4.4/5 stars, which makes this one of the best reviewed products of its type available. People have been full of praise for how reliable and easy to use it is, but the main thing people seem to be talking about is accuracy. This product can really improve your performance by showing accurate readings helping you to understand the course you’re playing.


It is really hard to see a downside to this product, and though it will cost a bit of money to get your hands on it, it can definitely be worth it when it comes to improving your golf game or your hunting. The reviews of this product on amazon and elsewhere on the product are hugely positive which tell you everything you need to know about the Aculon. It is tournament legal according to our guide here, and although it doesn’t have the slope function of some of the more expensive products on the market, it offers everything most of us need. A top rangefinder from an exceptional brand in Nikon, which comes with our top recommendation.

Halo XRT 6×24 Rangefinder Review – Tips for Hunting and Golfing

halo xrtThis is one of the few Rangefinders which is widely marketed as being both for hunting and for use in Golf. If you partake in both of these activities then great, but the chances are you’re only going to be focused on one, so we’ve taken a look at the Halo XRT 6×24 and its features, before summarizing whether it met expectations for golf use, as well as what it can do for the hunters out there.

This is one of the greatest rangefinder products used in the United States of America and around the world. It is powered with optic-logic technology.


  • Water-resistant so it can be used in all sorts of conditions
  • It allows constant ranging for if you need to move it around while focusing
  • 6x magnification
  • Images are crystal clear with a very high quality screen
  • Easy to focus
  • Easy to read
  • Simple display and information which doesn’t clutter the view
  • The readout can be changed to meters or yards depending on your own preference
  • 600 yard range
  • Lightweight and easily fits within your golf bag
  • Super easy to use, even a beginner can get to grips with it in no time

Whether you are on the golf course or you are woods hunting, this may well be the right product for you. Definitely, it is one of the best out there, and is among the best selling products of its kind. The company behind it, wildgame innovations, are not the best known, but they offer a huge amount of quality for outdoor hobbies.

Further analysis

The accuracy is simply outstanding. This is the right product for you if you are looking for the most accurate ranges without breaking the bank, as to be honest, it is pretty affordable by the standards of rangefinders, especially the ones which have been designed for golf use, which can be pricey. Scan modes takes about 20 seconds to activate. The battery life stays for a long period of time.


If you browse through the internet, you will see a wide range of online reviews. Some are good; few are on the bad side. Some have criticized this product simply because it takes a CR2 battery rather than being rechargeable. It lasts long, because they are 3 volts unlike the 1.5 volts of AA, AAA, C and D batteries, but nevertheless the battery type can be a little awkward. Though some describe this as a con, it can be used anywhere and if you’re on a long golf trip or hunting trip you can take it and just make sure you have spare batteries rather than recharging.

It doesn’t have the most advanced features like other devices, things like slope measurements, but lets face it, you’re probably going to be parting with huge amounts of cash to get all of the features. The unit has been mentioned by some reviewers as not being completely waterproof, though most others have described it as having no such problems, and after all, it is described as resistant to water, not totally waterproof. Use in a bit of rain will probably be fine, dropping it in a pond might not be such a good idea!

Final Verdict

It comes at a very good price especially when you are analysing its extremely reasonable price. Halo XRT 6×24 Rangefinder is straightforward, easy to operate, user-friendly. It will be difficult to find a product that will offer such value at this price. Due to its compact design, it allows for a more improved portability.

This product is able to display units both in meters and yards. Its battery compartment can be accessed both conveniently and easily and guarantees you a high level of accuracy, and efficiently designed to prioritize distant targets. The manual comes with clearly defined instructions. This will help the user to use it properly.

This product can also be used in a wide range of activities such as golf, bow hunting and so on. This is the right product if you are looking for an effective, reliable, efficient and effective kit that will get the job done as quickly as possible. The high reviews online will show you that this is one of the best out there.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review, Features and Info

tectectecWhen you think of brand names you associate with golf, TecTecTec may not be a name that jumps straight into your mind (yet) but they have produced something pretty special here, which is in fact one of the best reviewed models of Rangefinder on the market today.

We go into far more detail on the VPRO500 below, but the main takeaways are that this product is exceptional quality and very well reviewed, and is both well-built and reliable. It comes with our recommendation in spite of not being a well known ‘golf brand’.

If you are, like so many users of this site, searching for the best golf rangefinder, there are so many features you will need to consider such as:

  • Is it light enough to carry around for a long trek around the 18 holes?
  • Is it compact and intuitive to use?
  • Is it user friendly and built in a sensible way? I always think you should be able to pick up a rangefinder and use it almost instantly.
  • Does it give accurate readings and help your game? That’s the number one aim here after all.

Features and Full Review

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder definitely works in an excellent way and is debatably even better than other highly popular, more-costly models out there. It is essentially designed for golf rather than the other uses such as hunting which some rangefinders offer – it gives dimension for more than 540 yards and enables the user to pinpoint exactly the spot where they want to hit the ball.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is made up of soft and sleek coating, and is eminently equipped with focus dial for high resolution and clarity.

Most of the advanced technology optical properties include image clarity, high quality viewing and sharpness in all conditions, making this a great choice even if you’re not in the best of conditions or in a country where it is liable to be cloudy, windy and miserable!

Amazing features

Trio modes- this product is unique. One of the things that made it unique is its active and distinct modes which are used to locate the flagstick. They are first target priority, distance target priority and Proscan.

Rain Proof

It is rain resistant, not ultra waterproof. The battery pack helps in keeping moisture at bay and keeping the machine safe and in working order, and make sure that the electrical terminals doesn’t have any corrosion.

High-tech optics

This product boasts of state of the art optical equipment and parts, sophisticated digital circuit style and 6x magnification plus distance accuracy, finger-intuitive operation, reliability, lens resolution, multi-coated optics and more – sounds complicated, right? All that really means is the best quality in viewing terms and clarity.

Ultra-compact and super-lightweight

The compact dimensions and design makes sure it can be stored and taken on tour with you wherever you’re going.

Sturdy and durable

It comes with a sturdy padded case, tough materials but still retains its lightness in weight. The gloss surface is capable of preventing the accumulation of foreign or dust particles which could otherwise obstruct the view. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is a well made and well assembled piece of kit.

Different modes

These various modes enable the user to know the distance to target with a huge degree of accuracy and display the results in real time. Switching between the modes and using this rangefinder are super easy to do.

Efficiency– TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder boasts of complex technology which prevents objects. It can successfully be used on all conditions, targets and golf flags.


TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is easy to maintain. It is also resistant to water and dust. Users are advised to clean it when they are done.

Final Verdict

The majority of reviews at the time of writing are hugely favourable, both on Amazon and elsewhere. Users are happy with this product because it includes great features like user-friendly operation, lightness, high power magnification and sturdiness. Everything you would expect from a product of this type and an item that may put the brand name on the map.

It is essentially made of durable materials, providing users with accurate readings and (for golf) a relatively pocket-friendly price tag. It will worth the money you spent buying this product. Great product, easy to use, simple and easy to operate and contains more durable carrying case. At the end of the day, it improves your game, and is legal to use in tournaments.

How to Choose The Right Golf Rangefinder for You

bushnell v3The game of golf is tough, your technique and judgement have to be exceptional, but life can be made easier by finding and purchasing a good quality rangefinder. A rangefinder is known to accurately measure the distance of various objects around the golf course. A good quality rangefinder helps to identify objects and also reveals the distance and time to the object (probably the pin). Rangefinders have lasers attached to them which can detect the distance and measure in all weather conditions.

Many enthusiastic golfers have grown to the stage where they can’t live without the product because a rangefinder makes it easier for them to play the game even if the surrounding conditions are not very welcoming. Varieties of golf rangefinders are available in the market with different specifications and features, and of course price ranges. Some are ideal for golf while others can be used for both hunting and golfing. The first important thing before you choose the best golf rangefinder is to be aware of one own needs.  There are several rangefinders which fall under the $100 and some are also on discount. These rangefinders can be searched on and eBay if you want something under your budget. In case you want something really smart and extremely durable for long term then you must consider few points that must be taken into consideration before choosing any golf rangefinder.

Features and Criteria for Choosing a Rangefinder

First of all, good golf rangefinder needs to have a reasonable maximum distance range. Normally, the rangefinders in the market have a range of 1-1500 yards but this varies from model to model. Bushnell again are commended for their ranges and the brand are also famous for working under several climatic conditions as its results always come out clear and really accurate. 

Next up, a rangefinder also needs to excel in its size, shape, magnification and let’s not forget the brand. Only good quality products should be bought because they are the ones that are long lasting and durable. Bushnell Pro 1600 for instance has quality features like pin seeker technology, multi coated optics, reasonable price and large range of measured distances.

Professional players usually like to have tournament edition range finder as it does not give extra features. Such rangefinders which are made only for professional games and give sight distance measuring features, this means that without features like ‘slope’ it can be used in tournament play and is considered ‘legal’ by the governing bodies, as explained in this post.

This said, the slope measuring features are wonderful for practise, so many have found themselves opting for a product such as the Bushnell Tour X which offers the option to turn off the slope feature, making it tournament legal when you need to use it in a match, but in practise round the course you can use the slope feature.

An efficient rangefinder is one with small size and low weight, you will probably have enough to lug around the course as it is. Heavy rangefinders are not a good purchase as their use does not offer any convenience to the user. Therefore buy a rangefinder that is user-friendly and is also compact. Nikon 8397 is rated high on being extremely easy to use rangefinder. Moreover, its speed is really fast and gives quick readings. The user does not have to press complicated buttons to get the readings done as only a push of button can reveal the figures. Nikon 8397 is also water proof. If you are looking for a rangefinder which is a combination of GPS and laser system then Nikon is a brand synonymous with vision and clarity due to their photographic past and the 8397 may well be one of the most logical choices.  Waterproof features are especially useful if you’re in a country where it is likely to rain a lot and still need to practise!

The last thing I will mention is budget, I realise that golf is an expensive hobby and it doesn’t need to be made any more pricey for those on a strict budget. That said, you’re going to need to part with some cash in order to purchase a model. Some go up to around the $500 mark, for which you can expect an amazing range of features, durability, accessories and more, but you can find these type of products, especially the pocket models, for a fraction of this price, and they still have useful features.


Rangefinders are a huge part of the modern game and a great way of practising and feeling your way around the course. Anything that can make this complex sport a little more simple is surely a good thing, and hopefully with this guide you can find the correct model for your needs. If you’re still in any doubt regarding whether using a Rangefinder is for you, the below video should help you decide.

Reviewing the Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinders to Take on the Course

bushnellBushnell is considered by many people to be the number one manufacturer of laser rangefinders in golf right now. It has the top and many of the best selling products in the market which are both effective and efficient. Bushnell deals with many different types of rangefinder offering different features for different users. They’re actually not just a golfing company and offer a range of scopes, binoculars and other products designed to help people see further and wildlife and tactical products. We’re here to talk about their golf rangefinders today.

Bushnell Tour X

Tour X is a laser rangefinder belonging to the family of Bushnell. This is definitely right at the top of the market, meaning it isn’t the cheapest in their range but its huge amount of features justify the price tag. It is tournament legal, so you can use it even in competitive play and also has slope technology meaning you it will account for the contour of the course you’re on. Tour X is considered as one of the best Bushnell Golf rangefinders because it comes with a dual display technology. This technology allows the users to easily choose the display they want. One option is the bright red display whereas the other is the sharp black display. The choice of the display is dependent on the golfer and the conditions. Tour X also comes with an exchange technology that functions as a USGA conforming device and also makes use of the slope technology. Tour x also has the pin seeker technology which they have become famous for attached to the device which gives out short vibrating pulses to confirm that the target has been locked. Think of the way a console controller vibrates, this has a similar feel to it. The pin seeker technology is an important feature as it helps the golfers to get accurate distances and select the right clubs and play the right shots.

Medalist 201355

The Medalist 201355 is a great rangefinder for the casual golfer. This is also one of the products by Bushnell which comes with their trademark quality and customer satisfaction. Lower scores and pin seeker technology are the two things which define this amazing product. The medalist is considered one of the best golf range finders because it is affordable, so better for entry level golfers and has the range of 5-1000 yards. Moreover it offers 4x Magnification to its users to make it far easier to see. With an every purchase of Medalist, users get a carrying case and a battery. The battery life of all the Bushnell products is quite impressive. Therefore, you may only need to replace the battery every 12 months and won’t be getting interrupted during play.

Neo XS Black

neo xsNext up, the Neo XS Black is a GPS rangefinder belonging to Bushnell Company. It is a thin, comfortable product that offers long battery life to the users.  It comes preloaded with over 33,000 courses in more than 30 countries, which is an incredible amount, making your navigation easier with local courses and those you’ll find on your golfing holiday. Users who have purchased the product do not have to worry about downloads and don’t have to deal with any form of membership fees ever to update the courses. This also comes with all of the other features which have helped the brand grow.

If you are wishing to purchase the product soon then it is worth considering the impressive battery life and the fact it comes with easy to read front/center/back distances. The device also has an auto course recognition and Auto hole advance feature which makes it one of the best Bushnell golf range finders, and certainly one of the Golf GPS rangefinders we would recommend. Neo XS Black has a round odometer and comfortable sports band. Users who have purchased the product have hardly shifted to another product.


All the products by Bushnell have warranty which protects from all defects and errors. The company assures it customers that in case any problem arises, they will be present to serve its loyal customers. The battery as you might expect is not included in the warranty. If you plan to buy the product, do check various online retailers which are offering discounts and offers on several Bushnell products at any given time, and you can sometimes find a great deal.

Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder Review

bushnellGolf Rangefinders have grown in popularity over recent years as they continue to improve the games of amateurs and professionals alike, all around the world, with some of them even being approved for use in tournaments. The Bushnell tour z6 is a dynamite product of this nature, hence us reviewing it today. It has an amazing style and design which makes it stand out among its competitors. To provide comfort to its users, the Bushnell tour z6 body is made up of a rubber feeling material, something which has been appreciated by various reviews. 


Bushnell tour z6 is known for being speedy and of high precision.  The rangefinder has the latest vivid display technology which can work in any lighting conditions and is never hard to see, ideal for looking at figures such as the distances you need to work out. Moreover, Bushnell has a pin seeker technology which gives up to ½ yard accuracy when finding your target (usually the pin). The product has a 2 year warranty and is also tour certified, meaning it can be used in a lot of different tournaments.  The price of the product is reasonable and has a direct competition with most other devices on the market. Features wise, Bushnell is way better than many of its competitors and the brand they are building is quite impressive.  Various users have posted good reviews about this product on online websites. They feel that this product has made their game easy and fun.

The design and the material of the product are of high quality. Moreover, the material helps anyone with dry or sweaty golf hands. The size of the rangefinder is compact which makes it easy and convenient for use, every golfer knows that there is a lot of gear to lug around, and this being light and compact makes life easier. The features of this amazing product include 6 x magnification. This magnification is very useful when navigating around a course, especially if you’re new to it. This model of rangefinder is also totally waterproof so no worries if you’re using it in the rain.

The display of the device is very high quality as it is made in such a way that it makes the user easier to read. Moreover, it has a slight tint which prevents any glare for sunny days. In order to use this product, golfers need to press the power button firmly and then they’re ready to receive distance readings, simple as that.  All Bushnell range finders have a pin seeker technology. This technology is necessary to lock the target to get the right readings of the distance.  This is also available with their impressive ‘Jolt’ technology, which is a bit like the vibration on a games console controller, and helps you to line up with your target by interacting with your touch.

The tour Z6 displays the distance below the aiming circle and has a battery level indicated to its left on the screen.  The weight of the rangefinder is 7.9 ounces and 11.6 ounces with a carry pouch. With every purchase of the range finder, user gets a zipper and a magnetic latch on the pouch. If you are planning to purchase the product then the vast majority of reviews tell you that you won’t be a disappointment.


Various websites have conducted speed tests on Bushnell tour Z6 and have found out that it fares well against other devices. It isn’t the cheapest rangefinder, in fact it is at the higher end of the market, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t value for money and the Z6 allows the golfers to have a much simpler experience around the course. Since the battery time of the device is good, it only needs to be changed once in every six months for the average user. The Bushnell Tour Z6 uses a single CR2 3-volt battery that inserts through a twist cap below the viewfinder. Bushnell are one of the top manufacturers of this type of product and this offers a huge amount of assistance for anyone taking to the course. An average review of over 4.5/5 on Amazon at the time of writing speaks for itself, with most reviewers giving it 5 stars. It is fast, accurate and easy to use/carry. What more could you wish for?

Bushnell Tour V3 BN201460P Jolt Patriot Pack Rangefinder Review

bushnell v3If you’re looking for Rangefinders to improve your golf game or even for other reasons such as hunting, this is a brand you may well have already come across. The Bushnell tour V3 is a top rangefinder which comes as a ‘Jolt’ model and is also sold in the ‘Patriot Pack’ from its manufacturers. It is known in the market for being compact and having an ergonomic single hand vertical rangefinder system. It has a 5x magnification which comes with a 24 mm objective. The range finding performance of the device is 10 to 1000 yards. The accuracy of the device is one of its main pro points and has proved very commendable, up to 300 yards it has an accuracy of within one yard which is incredibly useful for all sorts of different shots on the golf course, whatever your level of ability.

Since the Bushnell tour V3 Jolt is one of the latest products in the market, and the company are always looking to innovate it comes equipped with impressive Pin seeker technology. Pin seeker technology is designed to identify when there are multiple targets. Once the range finder has located the closest of the targets in the area of the aiming circle, the range finder will display a circle around the flagstick icon and also display the distance.  The Jolt vibration is important as its interacts with the user as you’re locking on to the flag. The automatic scan mode permits the user to pan across the golf course and quickly scan and see the updated distances of targets, again, not something many of its competitors offer and something that sets this apart as one of the best rangefinders going.

Another great plus point that isn’t always the case on rangefinders, the LCD display is also easy to read. The distance read out appears in the center of the viewfinder directly below the aiming circle, and both the mode and yard/meters are displayed in the lower portion of the viewfinder so whichever you are used to is there for you. If you are planning to use the device for tournaments then although it is worth checking, in many cases you’ll find that it is legal and allowed by the authorities. The device can be help with one or two hands.

With every purchase of Bushnell BN201460P Tour V3 Rangefinder patriot pack, users get a premium carrying case and battery.  This pouch keeps the device secure and steady. The pouch also has a magnetic latch which provides greater ease and accessibility and makes it really easy to carry, something that is invaluable if you’re lugging it around 18 holes of a golf course. The company offers a 2 year warranty which gives assurance to its customers that the company is always there for them. The device is accurate to within 1-yard and provides instant measurements in yards and meters.

Customers claim that among other Bushnell range finders, tour z3 is the best one.  Before purchasing the product, we recommend that you look at various videos and customer reviews. Bushnell BN201460P Tour V3 Rangefinder is 100% water proof and comes with a slope measuring feature which means it has the capacity to account for the slope on your course, either uphill or downhill, when measuring distances, and help you in your aim and club selection even more. It is one of the products in the market that gives the customers amazing feel, performance and design, and although it isn’t the cheapest, it definitely justifies the investment for serious golfers.

Some users have claimed its better than using GPS for approach shots which is really saying something.  Moreover, the size is so small that it makes it the most convenient and simple to use range finder in the market currently. It is worth having a specific device so you’re not fumbling around with apps or calculations, just grab, look and go.

Consumer reviews by and large have been extremely positive, and with a well over 4 star average review (out of 5) on amazon, this should tell you all you need to know about this product, and the company, who are fast becoming the market leaders in the world of golf rangefinders.

Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder Review: A Pocket Full of Golf!

neon digitalThe Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder can bring a pocket full of cheer to any golfer. This small golf gadget can be given away as an ideal gift for your golf crazy spouse or golfer buddies. It has all the features necessary to function as a golf range finder, fit in the pocket, and is half again as expesive as the standard golf range finder so provides a good value model. It’s not quite as fancy as other golf range finders, but it serves its purpose perfectly. It comes with a belt pouch that has a Velcro flap for an opening. A lanyard comes with the package as an accessory and can be attached to the range finder itself to carry it around the course; and I say yet again, very affordable for what it is.

Check the current price and more reviews on amazon.

The General Package

When you purchase a Neon Digital 7x Pocket golf rangefinder, the package you receive should contain the golf range finder, the Neoprene gadget belt pouch with Velcro flap and belt loop, the lanyard attachment for the range finder, and the user’s manual, as a matter of course. Batteries are included.

The cheer part in buying this gizmo lies with its cheap, cheap price; and I will keep emphasizing on the price. As of this writing (12/17/2015), the range finder is worth its price with a RRP less than many of the models on the market. That’s why I called it a pocket full of cheer; well… for the golfers at least. Then again, non-golfers can also use this gadget in place of a standard gadget to measure distance, or to use in place of standard binoculars for checking out distances. Golf range finders can lock onto a background object and accurately measure the distance between yourself and the object in question (such as the pin on a green). This is why the range finder is a very versatile tool, and may be especially useful in construction and other areas besides sports. Rangefinders are often used by hunters too and help them to spy out their targets.

The Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder’s Important Features

  • Cheap! Really affordable and great value
  • Pocket sized range finder; fits well in the palm of your hand.
  • Digital technology built in with high quality optics
  • An impressive 7x magnification
  • Coated lens for protection from glare and scratches
  • Minimal range of 50 yards up to a maximum of a thousand yards


The most surprising features here are the range and magnification capabilities of the Neon Digital 7x. At this price, most low-end golf range finders, heck even high-end models, will have a lower range than the thousand yards that the Neon Digital 7x is boasting. 7x magnification is above average with lower end golf rangefinder models; they usually sport 5 to 6x magnification on average. For the listed price, the Neon Digital 7x is a must buy.


What cons? Seriously. It’s cheap. It’s basic, but that is forgivable, and unless you’re looking to turn pro this will do everything you need it to. Even at the basics, the capabilities of the Neon Digital 7x beat out the standard models. Other models may sport the slope measuring feature. Some will have time and temperature displayed in an LCD or crystal display screen. Most rangefinders will beep or vibrate when you lock on the pin. At minimum, these extra options would triple your purchase price; not to mention, that these higher end rangefinders, are inferior to the Digital 7x in range and magnification capabilities. The only disadvantage here is the lack of slope reading capabilities, but many models under the $100 mark won’t have slope reading, and it really is an advanced feature.

With all that said, the longer maximum range, the better magnification, and the ultimately cheaper price of the Neon Digital 7x Pocket Golf Rangefinder, makes it the better buy. At that cheap price, you won’t even hesitate to consider giving a few of them away.