Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Rangefinder Review

coolshot 20People who play golf have, in recent years, started to opt for a device that helps them to gauge distance with accuracy. Some rangefinders not only display the accurate distance but can also cleverly gauge slope and wind, what an age we live in… Devices like Nikon (yes, the camera brand) COOLSHOT 20 help the golfers to work out the yardages easily and judge their shots properly. Nikon knows that their customers are looking for the technology that will make their golf game improve. These range finders enable both new and more seasoned golfers to enhance their ability of playing golf as it is not easy to measure the distance accurately, and even if you have a caddy, they won’t be able to do what a rangefinder can.

The awesome Coolshot 20 comes with an attractive design which makes it a popular choice for those who are looking for more in the way of a ‘gadget’ – you’ll see this sported by many young golfers. It is also one of the lightest range finders with a weight of under 200g. Moreover, this model is very small which aids its portable nature and really convenient for golfers.

This amazing range finder comes with the First Target Priority. This feature allows the range finder to grab the nearest object in sight. The panning done by the rangefinder takes barely any time, up to 8 seconds. The range finder shows objects six times closer with distances shown in increments of 0.5 yards to 600 yards. Moreover, the display of the Nikon is really easy to watch and use. Nikon makes sure that no matter what the lighting conditions are, users get to view everything with impeccable ease, which helps you focus on your technique and the shots you’re about to take.  The display of the screen shows distance, unit of measure (meters for example), target mark, and battery life left to all its users. The clarity of this model is one of its plus points, something you’d expect from a company so renowned for visuals.

The COOLSHOT 20 is one of the most durable products in the market right now too because it has a great battery life and also water proof to 1 meter for 10 minutes. You may not be taking this underwater (even if you end up in the wet on the course) but if it rains then you’ve got your back covered.

The rangefinder also comes with an added feature of a specific Golf mode. The feature is there to calculate slope adjusted distance that helps the golfer to choose the right club even when playing steep uphill and downhill shots. The rangefinder comes within the budget of many golfing aficionados as it is relatively affordable, especially in the world of golf. Various online websites are offering discounts and offers on this product, and it represents value for money even at full price. 

Nikon as a company promises supreme quality on all its products, and are such a recognisable brand for a reason. This is easy to see the first time you pick up their range finder as well. Everything about this product is top notch. Coolshot 20 steals the limelight by having an amazing leading edge design. Although there are various models in the market that are efficient as rangefinders, Nikon coolshot 20 is undeniably among the greatest available.

Usage is really pretty simple, in order to make the best use of Nikon COOLSHOT 20, it is necessary that you hold the products body steady with both hands. Be sure to position the flag at the Centre of the target finder to measure the distance of the target accurately. That’s really all we need to discuss in terms of use, it’s just a point and go sort of model which doesn’t require anything complex.

While doing its business, it easily picks up flags with trees and gives continuous improvement. This option also works in even the most extreme weather conditions (certainly the most extreme you’d like to play golf in). The only vice you might find with the Coolshot 20 is that some golfers only like holding large laser rangefinders, and large is not a word you’d use to describe this. These golfers are not comfortable with the small size of the rangefinder. It does all of the basics perfectly, but it doesn’t have added extra features like the expensive Nikon lasers such as slope measurement. These features are almost futuristic, and are discussed in our other reviews.