Reviewing the Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinders to Take on the Course

bushnellBushnell is considered by many people to be the number one manufacturer of laser rangefinders in golf right now. It has the top and many of the best selling products in the market which are both effective and efficient. Bushnell deals with many different types of rangefinder offering different features for different users. They’re actually not just a golfing company and offer a range of scopes, binoculars and other products designed to help people see further and wildlife and tactical products. We’re here to talk about their golf rangefinders today.

Bushnell Tour X

Tour X is a laser rangefinder belonging to the family of Bushnell. This is definitely right at the top of the market, meaning it isn’t the cheapest in their range but its huge amount of features justify the price tag. It is tournament legal, so you can use it even in competitive play and also has slope technology meaning you it will account for the contour of the course you’re on. Tour X is considered as one of the best Bushnell Golf rangefinders because it comes with a dual display technology. This technology allows the users to easily choose the display they want. One option is the bright red display whereas the other is the sharp black display. The choice of the display is dependent on the golfer and the conditions. Tour X also comes with an exchange technology that functions as a USGA conforming device and also makes use of the slope technology. Tour x also has the pin seeker technology which they have become famous for attached to the device which gives out short vibrating pulses to confirm that the target has been locked. Think of the way a console controller vibrates, this has a similar feel to it. The pin seeker technology is an important feature as it helps the golfers to get accurate distances and select the right clubs and play the right shots.

Medalist 201355

The Medalist 201355 is a great rangefinder for the casual golfer. This is also one of the products by Bushnell which comes with their trademark quality and customer satisfaction. Lower scores and pin seeker technology are the two things which define this amazing product. The medalist is considered one of the best golf range finders because it is affordable, so better for entry level golfers and has the range of 5-1000 yards. Moreover it offers 4x Magnification to its users to make it far easier to see. With an every purchase of Medalist, users get a carrying case and a battery. The battery life of all the Bushnell products is quite impressive. Therefore, you may only need to replace the battery every 12 months and won’t be getting interrupted during play.

Neo XS Black

neo xsNext up, the Neo XS Black is a GPS rangefinder belonging to Bushnell Company. It is a thin, comfortable product that offers long battery life to the users.  It comes preloaded with over 33,000 courses in more than 30 countries, which is an incredible amount, making your navigation easier with local courses and those you’ll find on your golfing holiday. Users who have purchased the product do not have to worry about downloads and don’t have to deal with any form of membership fees ever to update the courses. This also comes with all of the other features which have helped the brand grow.

If you are wishing to purchase the product soon then it is worth considering the impressive battery life and the fact it comes with easy to read front/center/back distances. The device also has an auto course recognition and Auto hole advance feature which makes it one of the best Bushnell golf range finders, and certainly one of the Golf GPS rangefinders we would recommend. Neo XS Black has a round odometer and comfortable sports band. Users who have purchased the product have hardly shifted to another product.


All the products by Bushnell have warranty which protects from all defects and errors. The company assures it customers that in case any problem arises, they will be present to serve its loyal customers. The battery as you might expect is not included in the warranty. If you plan to buy the product, do check various online retailers which are offering discounts and offers on several Bushnell products at any given time, and you can sometimes find a great deal.

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