Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder Review

bushnellGolf Rangefinders have grown in popularity over recent years as they continue to improve the games of amateurs and professionals alike, all around the world, with some of them even being approved for use in tournaments. The Bushnell tour z6 is a dynamite product of this nature, hence us reviewing it today. It has an amazing style and design which makes it stand out among its competitors. To provide comfort to its users, the Bushnell tour z6 body is made up of a rubber feeling material, something which has been appreciated by various reviews. 


Bushnell tour z6 is known for being speedy and of high precision.  The rangefinder has the latest vivid display technology which can work in any lighting conditions and is never hard to see, ideal for looking at figures such as the distances you need to work out. Moreover, Bushnell has a pin seeker technology which gives up to ½ yard accuracy when finding your target (usually the pin). The product has a 2 year warranty and is also tour certified, meaning it can be used in a lot of different tournaments.  The price of the product is reasonable and has a direct competition with most other devices on the market. Features wise, Bushnell is way better than many of its competitors and the brand they are building is quite impressive.  Various users have posted good reviews about this product on online websites. They feel that this product has made their game easy and fun.

The design and the material of the product are of high quality. Moreover, the material helps anyone with dry or sweaty golf hands. The size of the rangefinder is compact which makes it easy and convenient for use, every golfer knows that there is a lot of gear to lug around, and this being light and compact makes life easier. The features of this amazing product include 6 x magnification. This magnification is very useful when navigating around a course, especially if you’re new to it. This model of rangefinder is also totally waterproof so no worries if you’re using it in the rain.

The display of the device is very high quality as it is made in such a way that it makes the user easier to read. Moreover, it has a slight tint which prevents any glare for sunny days. In order to use this product, golfers need to press the power button firmly and then they’re ready to receive distance readings, simple as that.  All Bushnell range finders have a pin seeker technology. This technology is necessary to lock the target to get the right readings of the distance.  This is also available with their impressive ‘Jolt’ technology, which is a bit like the vibration on a games console controller, and helps you to line up with your target by interacting with your touch.

The tour Z6 displays the distance below the aiming circle and has a battery level indicated to its left on the screen.  The weight of the rangefinder is 7.9 ounces and 11.6 ounces with a carry pouch. With every purchase of the range finder, user gets a zipper and a magnetic latch on the pouch. If you are planning to purchase the product then the vast majority of reviews tell you that you won’t be a disappointment.


Various websites have conducted speed tests on Bushnell tour Z6 and have found out that it fares well against other devices. It isn’t the cheapest rangefinder, in fact it is at the higher end of the market, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t value for money and the Z6 allows the golfers to have a much simpler experience around the course. Since the battery time of the device is good, it only needs to be changed once in every six months for the average user. The Bushnell Tour Z6 uses a single CR2 3-volt battery that inserts through a twist cap below the viewfinder. Bushnell are one of the top manufacturers of this type of product and this offers a huge amount of assistance for anyone taking to the course. An average review of over 4.5/5 on Amazon at the time of writing speaks for itself, with most reviewers giving it 5 stars. It is fast, accurate and easy to use/carry. What more could you wish for?